I am Chuck Smith and I am running for Attorney General of Virginia for the rights of the people beginning with the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Preserving the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, (our God given right to possess arms and defend those rights when necessary) which includes open carry gun rights. I am running to insure your rights in your home and child safety. I am seeking this office to restore integrity, bring experience, and renew courage and faith in our justice system in the Commonwealth.

As Virginians, we must return to our inner strength, “put our backbone” into it and restore our heritage; embrace common sense leadership; fight for our freedom while uniting every Virginian against the encroachment of government; recognize the issues that matter to Virginians; As the next Attorney General I will do all I can to remain involved at every level to be a voice of action for families and individual citizens who are struggling to pay for groceries against the rising cost of food prices; or citizens concerned about highway congestion, infrastructure, jobs and job security, privacy rights, property rights, standing against illegal immigration, crime, drug abuse and every Constitutional right, I will listen and be your voice.

In every Virginia citizen, there is a unique American spirit and American pride, and we can’t let that die. They’re not looking for a handout; they’re looking for a way out through capable hard work. Virginian’s seek faith driven ideal’s, have real vision and principles which have made this country, this commonwealth strong. If there is to be continued strength for tomorrow, Virginia citizens are always prepared to lead the way. New AG leadership can bring about an end to excessive regulation, many economic conditions, traffic congestion and erosive infrastructure.

In closing, we can never reach Virginian citizens from the 18th floor of our monthly meeting rooms, or from familiar “revolving doors” of those often least concerned and who often have limited qualifications as a candidate and seek merely a title. Join me and get back to where the people are heard and results are achieved in Richmond once again. President Trump has put our free sovereign republic on the right road and I will fight hard for every citizen in Virginia with the same conviction.

This is how we win again by uniting together; and refuse to cave in or compromise our values. Truth, vision and faith are important to Virginians. I will take on the challenge to keep leadership in focus. This is a challenge designed for me because I never give up instead I will improve upon what’s right for every one of you, and give us cause together to lift up our heads. Put our backbone into it, our every strength coupled with our unconditional faith to restore growth and prosperity to all of Virginia. Let’s turn this ship around in 2021. God bless America and God bless President Trump.

Editor’s Note: Chuck Smith was born on the 4th of July; he is a Former Marine (0311); a Navy JAG Commander, Ret.; the Former Chairman Republican Party of Virginia Beach; a Lawyer more than 40 years; is Fluent in Spanish; and has Five children (including a United States Navy Academy Graduate).

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