Our nation was founded on the faith driven self-governing Rule of Law and the U.S. Constitution (the greatest document written by man for national governance). Although all nations on earth struggle or confront some form of inequality, our Republic has survived the dark ages of segregationist mentality, to embrace equal justice for all, that all lives matter. Yet now, the un-Christian and often illegal activities of hate-filled groups with politically motivated stunts occupy our streets, destroy our businesses, buildings, attack, assault and threaten Americans. They use any reason to play to the headlines and spin for their own selfish intent a cause of unrest for the extreme left-wing media to report falsely on the daily or nightly news. And their goal – to destroy our nation, its Constitution, its laws, principles and values. In their hate, when they come for Old Glory, the American Flag, and the American spirit, know this – that unlike some leaders who are weak at the knees, lack courage and fortitude or acquiesce in a victim mentality and couldn’t carry a patriotic tune further than from one aisle to the next; or unlike those who act in betrayal of their conscience, their communities and their country – I will not play the victim, but will stand for the goodness of America, stand for the Old Glory and by the grace of God stand for the Constitution and President Donald Trump, and never let them down – to Make America Great Again. So help me God.

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