As a Black American who is witness to a history of unrest in the 1960s and 1970s, I have had enough of these absurd hateful groups or mobs. Pure and simple they refuse to recognize our progress through the decades of improved education and equal rights legislation. Instead, they focus on what the government has not ‘given’ them. As a race, we have achieved endless national and international success, producing entertainment celebrities and leaders in the global sciences as well as sports, the medical field, religion, elected office, law, and of course respected military leaders. We the people of America are but one people under one American Flag, and under one God on a continued positive journey of healing together with incredible strides. It is sad when anyone dies, even more so at the hands of a crooked cop; but this evil and the few others like it cannot and must not dis-color an America that has been home to some of the brightest and most brilliant minds of all races.

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