We have learned nothing from history if we allow hateful mobs to trample upon and chisel away at America’s foundation. History belongs to us, not to mobs who could less about any statue, military base, monument, government building whether made of stone, brick, marble or steel. Many if not all of the mob are more driven by rage and hate than by any clear understanding of what they destroy. None of them has ever been directly hurt, unemployed or displaced by any of the statues they tear down and deface. None can recite the year or the people who erected them. The mob would be shocked to learn that it was the Democrats who erected every single statue they call racist. Even the racist laws were from the Democrats’. Fact, “Every Segregation law in the American South from the 1880s to the 1950s was passed by a democratic legislature signed by a democratic governor and enforced by democratic officials, and there is no exception to this rule.” [Dinesh].

If we want something to tear down, let’s tear down the election-year mobs and liberal Democrat media run amok with rage and hatred in a quest for power against a country, a President.

We must all learn we can’t tear down yesterday trying to get a better tomorrow. If the statues teach nothing else, they teach that if we want better history, we have to be better people now.

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