VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Virginia Beach Attorney Chuck Smith announced today his bid to be the Commonwealth’s next Attorney General.

Smith, a retired U.S. Navy JAG Corps Commander, served as the Chairman of the Virginia Beach Republican Party, the largest Republican Party City Committee in Virginia, from 2006-2008.

As a Navy JAG, Smith served as a Prosecutor, Defense Counsel, Administrative Discharge Attorney, as well as Special Assistant United States Attorney. He opened his private law practice in Virginia Beach in 1983, following his release from active duty from the U.S. Navy JAG Corps.

If elected next year, Smith would be the first African-American to be Virginia’s Attorney General. Smith said his campaign platform includes halting the Democratic “assault on those freedoms given by God and guaranteed by our Constitution.”

Smith stated that he feels the Second Amendment is currently under attack in the Commonwealth and that he would “bear true faith and allegiance to the oath I will take when I assume the office of Attorney General.” He further stated, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Smith, a father of five, avowed that as Attorney General, he would protect life. “The chilling effect of Governor Northam’s approach to ‘life’ is a key reason I have decided to act, to get in to the arena and turn back this unthinkable assault on ‘life’ from inception until death.”

Citing illegal immigration as an issue, the candidate said he would “strictly enforce immigration law to ensure that illegal and poorly vetted immigrants are not settled in Virginia.” Smith also believes that the balance of political power in the Commonwealth has shifted decisively in favor of the federal government in violation of the spirit of the Constitution, and said as Attorney General, he would “vigorously fight further federal encroachment on state sovereignty. I won’t allow the federal government to misuse the power it received in the U.S. Constitution — the greatest document written on national governance.”

Mr. Smith stated, “I want to say in the strongest terms possible that Virginia is only ‘a blue state for a temporary period.’ When I am elected Virginia Attorney General, I will help ‘Make Virginia Red Again.’”

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