Q: Why are you such a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment in view all the gun violence in America?

Because I believe in our U.S. Constitution. The 2nd Amendment is not the problem; if it were, the people would change it. Gun violence in America is actually quite low today and dropping.

Q: What are the actual words in the 2nd Amendment?

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Q: How would you describe the current assault by anti-gun people in Virginia to regulate and outright outlaw firearms?

It’s an outright assault on truth and freedom. It is also a violation of both the U.S Constitution and Virginia Constitution.

Q: Do you believe U.S. Constitution — to include the 2nd Amendment — “gives” rights to citizens?

No. The Constitution doesn’t “give” rights to citizens; it only “guarantees” them. The rights come from God. Throughout history, free men everywhere have had an inalienable right, that tyrants cannot take away, of defending themselves and their family.

Q: Don’t you have confidence in town policemen and county sheriffs to protect us?

I certainly do. But their response times usually places them at a crime scene too late to defend a victim. When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

Q: What is missing, in your view, in discussions by elected officials on gun-control proposals?

Elected officials are only hearing one side of the argument. What guns do to protect families is glaringly absent

Q: What are some myths used by anti-gun people to argue for gun-control?

  • •   Availability of guns leads to more crime.
  • •   Guns pose a special threat to children.
  • •   The 2nd Amendment is not as important to modern America as it was in such wide-open, cattle towns as Dodge City, Kansas and Abilene, Texas.

All three myths are blatantly false.

Q: Do you believe that gun ownership in America leads to more crime?

No. Just the opposite is true. Look where gun violence is predominant. Mostly in our big cities with Democrat Administrations and over bearing gun laws.

Q: Do you believe the 2nd Amendment is as vital to the lives and liberty of modern Americans as it was in frontier times?

Absolutely. In fact, several studies show the risk of running into violence on city streets of modern America is far greater than it was in the supposedly wide-open towns like Dodge City, Kansas and Abilene, Texas. In fact, crime was very low in those frontier towns compared to eastern cities of the era; the reason was responsible people had guns.

Q: What is one of the first things that despotic tyrants — like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung — do once they gain political power?

They disarm law-abiding citizens.

Q: What is true about every country that trusts their citizens with firearms?

  1. 1. Liberty is sustained.
  2. 2. Individual freedom is protected.
  3. 3. Crime rates are lower.

Q: What is the key to getting more Americans to support gun-rights?

Take non-shooters to a shooting range. In my experience, fear of guns stems from ignorance of guns. One trip to a range is often enough to turn that attitude around.

Q: Why are anti-gun advocates so deafening and shrill in 2020 compared to the past?

Anti-gun advocates have gained momentum disproportionate to their numbers by using tragedies caused by mentally unstable shooters, Also, many recent court decisions have gone against anti-gun advocates. The U.S. has gone from only one state (Vermont) permitting concealed-carry to 17 today.

Q: Why are many Americans against gun-rights in 2020?

Because many have been socially engineered by the media which sensationalizes:

  • •   Shootings by deranged individuals.
  • •   Accidents with firearms.
  • •   Suicides where individuals use guns to kill themselves.
  • •   Use of guns by children

Also, anti-gun advocates blatantly lie about gun violence in the U.S. Mass shootings and accidental shootings are at a historically low point.

Q: In addition to Americans having a “legal” right to keep-and-bear arms, do you believe we have a “moral” right to own guns?

  • •   Absolutely! In fact, I believe the moral right to keep and bear arms is maybe stronger and more fundamental than the legal right. So did America’s Founding Fathers. That’s the reason and rational of the 2nd Amendment.
  • •   I believe we have an inalienable right-to-life — an inalienable right-to-self-defense — and an inalienable right to use adequate force to defend their families.

Q: What do you think law-abiding Virginia gun-owners might OK to stop school shootings?

I think Virginians would give serious considerations to the following (many of which are in effect in Israel which exists in a very dangerous part of the world but where exceedingly few school shootings occur):

  • •   Reform mental-health laws so mentally disturbed persons can be treated, institutionalized, or confined.
  • •   Install metal detectors in every school.
  • •   Strictly enforce all gun laws currently on the books.
  • •   Perform active shooter drills — like fire drills — so students knows what to do when a shooting begins.
  • •   Reinforce doors, windows, buses, and locks with hardened, thickened glass, which would save some lives.
  • •   Recruit retired military and law enforcement personnel to be school guards.
  • •   Arm selected members of the staff and faculty. Eliminate schools as “gun free” zones. Over ninety percent of mass shootings happen in gun-free zones (including schools).
  • •   Stop the “glorification of gun violence” by producers of movies, videos, and music.

Q: Which of the following 6 gun-control bills passed by the 2020 General Assembly would you have supported?

  1. 1. Criminal background checks are now required for all gun sales, excluding sales between family members and under certain other circumstances. Private party transfers between individuals who do not have a pre-existing relationship now require a background check conducted at a gun store.
  2. 2. Handgun purchases are now capped at 1 every 30 days. However, people with licenses to carry concealed pistols are excluded from this limit.
  3. 3. Virginia now has a red flag law. Judges can temporarily order the seizure of firearms from persons who are deemed a threat to themselves or others.
  4. 4. Local governments have expanded power to ban firearms in certain sensitive areas, such as government buildings and public events.
  5. 5. The penalty for allowing a child under 14 years of age to possess a firearm by leaving is unsecured in a reckless fashion was increased from a Class 3 misdemeanor to a Class 1 misdemeanor.
  6. 6. Gun owners must report lost or stolen firearms to police within 48 hours.

None. These are the “nose under the tent” laws that open the door for further erosion of our rights.

Q: What do you say to gun-control critics who said recently that not one of the seven gun-control laws passed in 2020 General Assembly would have stopped a school shooting?

I would tell the critics that I agreed with him.

Q: Under what circumstances can the federal or state government confiscate my guns?

The federal and state government cannot confiscate the guns of law-abiding citizens — but they can place certain restrictions on the right “to keep and bear arms.” We have to be vigilant this right is not incrementally lost.

Q: Why don’t gun-right advocates aggressively publicize that the “defensive-use of-guns-by-law-abiding Americans” is vastly more common than the “offensive-use-of-guns-by-criminals”?

That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer. I do know that the number of times that law-abiding citizen use a gun to stop a crime or save a life is much higher than the use of firearms by criminals.

Q: How frequently are “assault weapons” used in homicides in America?

Less than one percent of the time.

Q: What is your definition of a “just law”?

My definition is the same as Martin Luther King who said, “A just-law is a man-made law that squares with the moral law of God.”

Q: Are you in favor of Virginia’s concealed carry law?

Yes. States with concealed-laws have lower-rape-murder-assault-robbery rates.

Q: Do the vast, overwhelming number of young men with access to guns misuse them?

Absolutely not. When young men came home from World War II, they brought all kinds of German handguns home with them — Lugers, P35 Brownings, and Walther P38s. They never thought about shooting anyone with them. Their schools and Boy Scout Troops had rifle teams.

Adults who have taught shooting skills and gun safety in public and private schools — and to Boy Scout/Trail Life troops — say no young person has ever misused the training. These adults strongly recommend bringing shooting skills and gun safety back to public and private schools.

Q: America used to have a warrior culture. Children were raised by their parents to be warriors. What has changed?

Liberal elites have tried hard to change that warrior culture — and succeeded to a degree. But the sleeping giant has been awoken. This generation is more aware than past generations about a “senses of preparedness” inherited from our Founding Fathers — about defeating enemies, foreign and domestic.